Who Were the “Three Amigos” on the Denver Broncos?

The “Three Amigos” of the Denver Broncos are wide receivers Vance Johnson, Mark Jackson and Ricky Nattiel. The nickname is derived from a popular movie.

Their story started in 1987 when Ricky Nattiel joined the Denver Broncos while the two other “amigos” were on the team; Vance Johnson was in his third season and Mark Jackson was in his second season. Vance Johnson was drafted in 1985 from Arizona and Mark Jackson was drafted in 1986 from Purdue. Nattiel’s career was cut short because of an injury. He left with career stats of eight touchdowns, 121 receptions and 1,972 yards. Together, their best statistical season record was 160 receptions, 12 touchdowns and 2,322 yards.