How Do You Program a Car Remote?

To program a car remote, switch on the dash light, press Lock on the remote, and switch off the dash lights. Repeat this step in quick succession four times, and allow the system to enter the programming mode. Now, press Lock again, and switch off the ignition.

Begin programming a car remote by sitting in the vehicle and closing the trunk and the doors. Then, push the car’s key in the ignition, and turn it to the On position. The dash lights should now be switched on. Within a span of five seconds, press Lock on the car’s remote. After one second, release the button, and switch off the dash lights by bringing the key to the Off position.

When repeating this step, four times in all, perform each successive step within five seconds of completing the previous one. When the last step is started, the locks should make clunking noises indicating that the remote has entered the programming mode. Let the key be in the On position.

Now, within a span of five seconds, press Lock on the remote for a second, and then release the button. To complete programming of the car’s remote, switch off the ignition, and take the key out. Get out of the vehicle, and ensure that the doors and trunk are closed. Test by pressing the remote’s buttons to see if it has programmed correctly.