How Do You Program a Viper Remote?

grendelkhan/CC-BY-SA 2.0

To program a Viper door, you need to open a door first, and turn the ignition. Press and hold the Valet button. Finally, program the remote.

  1. Open a door

    You need to open only one door of your vehicle to begin programming your Viper remote. Whichever door you choose, ensure that the dome light comes on after the door has been opened.

  2. Turn on the ignition

    Place the key into the vehicle’s ignition, and turn it on to the Run position labeled on the ignition.

  3. Press the Valet button

    On the Viper remote, press the Valet button once to begin programming the channel of your choosing. Then, press the Valet button one more time. If this was done successfully, you should hear a mild honk, or see your LED lights flash.

  4. Hold the Valet button

    After you have been signaled by your vehicle that it has programmed the channel, press and hold the Valet button.

  5. Program your remote

    Continue holding the Valet button, and press the button on the transmitter that you wish to have programmed on the remote. If successful, you will hear another honk, or your LED lights will glow. Repeat this step if you wish to perform additional programming. You can now release the Valet button you were pressing. Your Viper remote is now programmed with your vehicle.