How Can I Get the Value of My Lladro Figurine?

Araya Diaz/WireImage/Getty Images

The value of a Lladro figurine depends on its condition, the size of the piece and whether the figurine is a limited edition. Larger pieces are considered to be more valuable than smaller ones, and the intricacy of the design also increases the value.

  1. Determine the age and style of the figurine

    Browse the Lladro catalog of figurines located on the Lladro website to determine what the figurine is. The catalog specifies if the figurine is from a current collection or a retired piece from an earlier collection.

  2. Verify authenticity

    Each Lladro piece has a marking that ensures authenticity. Compare this marking to those listed on the Lladro website. Once you have verified the figurine is authentic, you can begin to search for its value.

  3. Determine the market value

    The value of a Lladro figurine will depend on the collection it is from, the size of the piece and the condition. An open-edition collection will be manufactured until it is retired, which will vary the number of months or years it was produced. Limited-edition pieces are only produced for a short time, and they are therefore more collectible. Contacting an authorized Lladro dealer is the best way to determine a fair-market price for Lladro figurines.