How Do You Appraise the Value of Precious Moments Figurines?

Szepy/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Appraise the value of Precious Moments figurines by using an online appraisal tool such as those available at and, as of 2015. Alternatively, purchase a physical appraisal guide from a collector, or use auction sites to conduct an precursory appraisal.

Collectibles Database allows its users to submit information about different collectible figurines, such as those from Precious Moments, and receive an official price appraisal based on the current fair market value of the item. Users need to create an account with the site in order to submit an appraisal request, which allows the site to manage any accompanying photos and track the responses from its team. offers a similar service and also performs appraisals on other types of collectible items.

Appraisals done either online or in person are not always accurate. An appraisal is an estimation of how much an item might be worth at an auction or if sold in a store. To gain a more accurate look at the current market value of Precious Moments figurines, look at auction sites such as to find out what prices are currently associated with different figurines and how much people are actually willing to pay for them.