How Can You Shrink 100 Percent Polyester Clothing?

Shrink polyester clothing by machine washing it in cold water and then drying it on high until it is completely dry. If it is not small enough, follow up by saturating the item with boiling water. Then, wash it with hot water, drying it again with high heat.

  1. Wash with cold water

    Run the polyester clothing through the regular wash cycle set to a cold water wash and rinse. Use the normal amount of detergent for the load size.

  2. Dry at the highest heat setting

    Place the clothing in your dryer. Run the dryer on high until the clothing is completely dry. Check the size, and continue with the next step if the clothing has not shrunk enough.

  3. Saturate the clothing with boiling water

    Bring a large pot of water to a boil, and immerse the clothing in the water.

  4. Wash with hot water

    Carefully transfer the wet clothing to a washing machine. Add a small amount of detergent. Run the hot wash and hot rinse cycle.

  5. Dry immediately with high heat

    As soon as the wash cycle ends, remove the clothes. Then, put them in the dryer. Dry on high heat until the clothing is completely dry. Repeat this entire cycle to shrink the clothing further if necessary.