3rd Grade Learning: 10 Science Projects You Can Do at Home

Photo Courtesy: [Aleksander Nakic/Getty Images]

Keeping students engaged with their schoolwork and excited to learn has been more than a little challenging since March of 2020. Even if your student is back to school full time or doing a hybrid model, they might still have long breaks when they can lose some of the learning gains they made in class. We’ve compiled a list of third grade science projects to help reinforce important concepts when kids aren’t in school.

Science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM, is widely regarded as a field that’ll be filled with future opportunities. Encouraging an interest in these areas at an early age can lead to career success as well as innovations that can save lives. Third grade STEM projects can help any youngster in your life develop more curiosity about these more complex subjects as they mature and develop.  

While most of these experiments are geared towards a third grade learning level, you can try many of them with younger students as long as you provide proper supervision. These experiments can also be helpful for third grade tutors, homeschool curriculums for third grade learners and beyond.