Here's How Indigenous Communities Are Leading the Global Fight Against Climate Change

 Photo Courtesy: Arterra/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

The effects of climate change have impacted every area of our planet in countless ways, from threatening the health of crops to creating longer and more intense wildfire seasons around the globe. Climate change affects each and every life on Earth — but it’s often Indigenous communities that are the most directly and severely impacted. This is largely due, according to the United Nations, to “their dependence upon, and close relationship with, the environment and its resources,” such as land, water and animals.

For this very reason, Indigenous groups may stand to lose the most as climate change threatens the health and survival of our planet. In an effort to limit its impacts, Indigenous communities around the world are coming up with their own strategies — often by blending traditional land-use techniques with new practices — to combat the effects of climate change. Here’s how these efforts are working.