What Are Some Reasons for Bad-Smelling Urine in Men?

Reasons why men excrete bad-smelling urine are bladder infection, liver problems, dehydration, diabetes and urinary tract infections, as well as maple syrup urine disease, gastrointestinal-bladder fistula and cystitis. Metabolic disorders and Type 1 or 2 diabetes can also lead to bad odor in men’s urine, according to Healthline.

Dehydration can lead to men producing concentrated urine, which may produce a foul smell. This can easily be remedied by drinking enough water during the day. Also avoid excessive consumption of alcohol and other foods that may damage the liver. A damaged liver is not able to process waste properly, and this may result in excretion of bad-smelling urine. Some men may suffer from maple syrup urine disease. This can lead to them excreting foul-smelling urine due to problems when breaking down amino acids, explains Mayo Clinic.

Additionally, medications and food may also affect the smell of urine. For instance, consumption of alcohol leads to excretion of bad-smelling urine. Above all, if a person notices his urine produces a strong ammonia smell or bad odor over a long period of time, it is recommended he visit a doctor for diagnosis and treatment. Foul-smelling urine may be a symptom of a serious life-threatening condition, notes MedicineNet.