What Are Possible Causes of Bad Urine Odor?

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The causes of bad urine odor include certain foods, dehydration, urinary tract infections and certain diseases, states Healthline. Someone with an odor that lasts for more than three days should immediately consult a doctor.

The consumption of asparagus, onions, garlic and coffee can lead to bad odor, notes Healthline. The suspected food should be removed from the diet. People with orange or dark yellow urine are dehydrated, so they should drink plenty of water to reverse this condition. A person who experiences this symptom along with weakness, extreme fatigue or mental confusion should seek immediate medical attention, because he may be suffering from serious dehydration.

Someone who has a strong urine odor that comes along with symptoms like yellow eyes or skin, weight loss, bloating, nausea or vomiting may be having a liver complication, explains Healthline. Bladder fistulas, which occur due to entry of bacteria into the intestines, may cause a foul smell of urine. This condition may occur as a result of injuries or bowel diseases.

Phenylketonuria, an incurable genetic disease which makes it difficult for the body to break down an amino acid known as phenylalanine, may result in a strong odor of urine, according to Healthline. Symptoms of this disease include mental defects, a large head, slow-developing social skills and decreased skin pigmentation.