How Do You Get a Free DAC Report Online?

Commercial Drivers can request a free copy of a DAC report online from HireRight. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, truckers have the right to request one free DAC report each year to allow them to see the information collected about them.

HireRight aims to send DAC reports by U.S. mail within 10 to 15 business days of receiving the online report request. In order to request a report, the individual in question must provide a name, address, phone number, driver’s license number and social security number.

A DAC report is a driving record for commercial drivers that details traffic violations, as well as type of driving, history with a trucking company, and hiring and firing history, Truckers Report states. The report can also be used to verify social security numbers and personal information. Employers use DAC reports for pre-employment screening to determine the quality of applicants, and most trucking companies share detailed information about their employees to contribute to the report.

HireRight is a private agency in charge of background checks for commercial drivers. It is also free for drivers to dispute inaccuracies in their DAC reports acquired through HireRight, which they can do through an online form on HireRight’s website.