What Are Some Examples of How to Write Reports?

Jake Przespo/CC-BY 2.0

An example of writing a report is to include a proper introduction before the body and writing a conclusion at the end of the report. The writer should strive to communicate the message as fast as possible in the first few lines. In this regard, the author should use numbers and bullets to direct the reader quickly into the message. Additionally, the report should have generous spacing, headings and subheadings.

Another example of writing a report is to use tables, charts, diagrams and graphs to illustrate the communication. This is aimed at making it easy for the reader to quickly skim through the report.

Reports and essays are similar in the fact that they are both written with careful proofreading, formal style and neat presentation. However, a report is different from an essay in the fact that it presents information and not arguments. Similarly, reports use concise paragraphs with precise, formal language. A report should start with a title, table of contents, a glossary, executive summary and an introduction. Its body should include only crucial and relevant information. Finally, it should offer the reader a number of recommendations for the problem. If the writer deems it necessary, he or she can include a bibliography and a list of appendices.