How Would a Human Being Fare on Saturn?

A human being would not survive on Saturn as it has no surface. The only way a human could survive a trip to Saturn would be in a spacecraft doing a flyby.

Saturn is the second-largest planet in the solar system and is composed of hydrogen, helium and a few other gases, which give Saturn its yellow color. Saturn’s yellow and gold bands are due to very fast winds in the upper atmosphere and heat rising from within the interior of the plant.

Saturn is known for its spectacular rings, which are the most prominent in our solar system. Saturn’s rings, made of millions of icy rocks, are believed to consist of pieces of comets, asteroids or moons that disintegrated before they could impact the planet. Saturn has over 50 moons and several provisional moons. Each day on Saturn is approximately 10 Earth hours. It takes 30 earth years for Saturn to make one revolution around the sun.

Saturn’s date of discovery is a mystery as it has been known and written about since ancient times, although the discovery of its rings, which required Galileo and a telescope, occurred in 1610. Galileo did not know they were rings, however. The mystery was resolved in 1655 by astronomer Christian Huygen.