What Weighs 50 Pounds?

weighs-50-pounds Credit: Tristan Ferne/CC-BY 2.0

Examples of items or animals that weigh 50 pounds include a small bale of hay or a border collie and house cat combined, 5 medium-sized bowling balls, 5 house cats, two car tires and a large bag of sugar, a microwave oven and two bags of flour, 10 average sized table lamps and 10 Chihuahua dogs. The average bull dog weighs 50 pounds as well.

According to the Fatness to Fitness blog site, dieters who manage to lose 50 pounds have burned a total of approximately 175,000 calories. The site states that 50 pounds can be equated, in weight, to $200 in quarters, a big bag of dog food or two toddlers.

The Quicken Loans' blog site, "Zing!" says TSA baggage limitations on checked-in luggage is 50 pounds. Otherwise, travelers must pay an additional fee. The site advises travelers to wear heavier clothing to keep the luggage weight below the 50-pound limit.

According to PreparednessPro.com, a 50-pound bag of beans will supply four people in a family with a vegetable serving for a whole year.

Quantity calculators are provided on the Ash Grove Packaging site to figure the number of 50-pound bags needed for projects using cement, sand or concrete. The retailer, which is a major supplier of masonry products in Little Rock, Ark., tells consumers to buy two extra bags in case of a miscalculation or mistake.