How to Wake up Someone From Deep Sleep?

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To wake someone from a deep sleep, gently walk into her bedroom, move closer to the bed, and uncover her slowly. Call the person with a low voice, and raise your tone as you continue calling while simultaneously shaking her lightly until she is awake and seated.

  1. Call out and speak to the person

    Enter the room, take off the person’s blanket and call her name with a low tone, asking her to wake up. Shake her gently as you call, but do not shout. To avoid getting hit in case she wakes up abruptly, keep your face from the person at a safe distance. Uncover the person to reduce comfort, which encourages the waking process.

  2. Help the person sit up

    After waking the sleeping individual, help her sit up. State a specific reason that she needs to be awake. Leave the room to allow her to prepare and get out of bed. Some people may not be comfortable getting out of bed while you are still in the room.

  3. Confirm that the sleeper is awake and out of bed

    Return to the bedroom after about five minutes to confirm that the person is awake and has arisen. This is essential because there is always the potential of the person falling back into a deep sleep. If necessary, wake the person a second time.