What Are Some Uses for Iron Sulphide?

Iron sulphide, also known as ferrous sulphide, is a chemical compound used in alloy and stainless steel industries to control hydrogen embrittlement. The steel industry uses iron sulphide as a re-sulphurization agent in the manufacturing of carbon, alloy and stainless free cutting steels.

It also acts as a debasing agent to improve machine capability of steel castings, which are used in the production of various steel parts. In the purification of crude phosphoric acid, iron sulphide is used as a reducing agent to remove heavy impurities form phosphoric acid.

Another use of iron sulphide is in the production of malleable iron. Iron sulphide combined together with ferrous silicon and ferromanganese is used to increase the sulphur content of steel and iron.

Iron sulphide is also used as a laboratory chemical for the preparation of hydrogen sulphide gas. In hair dyes, paint, ceramics, bottles and glasses, iron sulphide is used as a pigment. It is also used in lubricants and to treat exhaust gases.

Iron sulphide has uses compatible with sulfates. Sulfate compounds are soluble in water and are used in water treatment. Iron sulphide is also used in the production of metal castings.

Iron sulphide is the mineral pyrite which resembles gold and is dubbed as “fool’s gold.” Pyrite is used in the production of sulfur and sulfuric acid and it is also used in coal mining.