What Uses Heat Energy?

Cavan Images/Taxi/Getty Images

The uses of heat are nearly limitless, although examples include ovens, home heating systems, metalwork, and various kinds of engines. It should be noted that heat is not a kind of energy but rather the transfer of energy from one thing to another.

Heat energy is frequently used to supply homes and office buildings, and is used by several machines such as heat engines and heat pumps. The amount of heat energy used by households and commercial offices varies, and depends on several factors, such as the outside air temperature. In these structures, heat is used to heat entire rooms, as well as power ovens and furnaces.

Heat can be felt when energy is released, which is why a car engine is hot and a person feels warmer after exercising. In heat pumps and heat engines, heat is generated through the process of combustion which in turn produces thermodynamic heat. In industry and the manufacture of jewelry, heat is used to make metal more malleable so that it can be shaped into useful designs. No matter where a person lives, heat is an essential tool in human societies