What Are Some Types of Vegetation in Jamaica?

Some types of vegetation grown in Jamaica include fruit trees, hardwood, orchids and cocoa. Unfortunately, a lot of the country’s natural vegetation has been stripped away for construction and agriculture.

The island of Jamaica has tropical vegetation, which consists of fruit trees, such as bananas, mangoes, Ackee, pineapple and tamarind. Jamaica also has natural hardwoods, such as mahogany, pine and ebony. There are a number of different plants and flowers in Jamaica, including palms, bougainvillea, canna lilies, daisies and hibiscus.

Wide varieties of orchids are grown on this island, with over 200 species available. Jamaica is also home to different types of crop plants, like cocoa, corn, yams and sweet potatoes. Other crops grown in Jamaica are pimento, ginger, sugar cane and oranges.