What Type of Rock Is Magnetic?

Education Images/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

Although there is not a specific rock that is magnetic, certain magnetic properties of a rock may be found in the crystals and minerals that make up a rock. The magnetic mineral magnetite is commonly found in igneous rocks.

The mineral magnetite that occurs in a variety of geologic environments is one of the few elements that cause a rock to become magnetic. This mineral is one of the most widespread iron oxide minerals. Magnetite is usually dispersed through a rock as microscopic crystals. The disbursed state usually results in the magnetite not being detected by a handheld magnetic. Lodestone, which is a big piece of magnetite, is strong enough to magnetize iron. Lodestone was used to make the first compasses according to the Department of Geology at the University of Minnesota. Other types of igneous rocks that contain magnetic properties include hematite.