What Things Are Made Out of Copper?

things-made-out-copper Credit: Michael Fuller/Moment/Getty Images

Things that are made of copper include alloys, pipes, wires, coins, electronics and poisons. It is also a key element in creating bronze and brass.

Copper has been used for thousands of years, and it exists as a pure element in a variety of forms. Pure copper has a reddish color, while oxidized copper has a turquoise color. The properties of copper are conductivity, malleability and resistance, and this metal provides the lowest electrical resistance next to silver. It is also very ductile and easily drawn into thin wires.

Copper ores are much more abundant than native copper and are the major source of copper worldwide.

Copper is used in numerous alloys, such as brass and bronze. When combined with other metals, this transition metal increases their strength and usefulness. Pure copper is also useful in making pipes and wiring used in most households. Another common use of copper is in making coins; although pennies in the United States are not made of pure copper, many other countries still use pure copper to create coins. As copper is a great conductor, it is commonly used in manufacturing electronic products. Additionally, some pesticides are copper based, such as copper sulfate and copper hydroxide.