How Tall Is 60 Inches in Feet?

Photo Courtesy: kate_sept2004/E+/Getty Images

If you are 60 inches in height, you may be wondering what that equates to in feet. For those who don’t know, inches and feet are units of measurement in the U.S. customary and Imperial measurement systems, the latter of which was originally used in Britain. In these systems, 12 inches is the equivalent of 1 foot. So, how tall is 60 inches in feet? Some quick math will show that 60 inches is equivalent to 5 feet.

While the names of these units of measure may sound a little funny, they are based in the various, less standardized ways in which people used to measure lengths, distances and weights. The words “pound,” “foot” and “gallon” were still used, but their values would change depending on context. As trade increased and spread across the world, it was decided that a more formal, concrete system of measurement was necessary, and the Imperial system was created. However, most modern-day countries have adapted to the metric system, which is formally known as the International System of Units.