How Is the Sun Different From Other Stars?

The main difference between the sun and any other star is the distance each are from Earth. The sun is closer to this planet than all of the other stars.

Size is another major difference between the sun and other stars. The sun is the biggest star in this solar system. Within the whole universe, the sun is quite small compared to the enormous stars that exist beyond our solar system. The largest star that scientists have discovered is called Mu Cephei. Over one billion of Earth’s suns could fit inside of Mu Cephei. This massive star is considered to be a giant in the universe.

Stars also differ in temperature. Temperature differences can be interpreted using color changes. Stars that burn red and orange are much cooler in temperature than the sun. Stars that burn white or blue-white are much hotter than the sun.

As well as mass and temperature, all of the stars also differ in age. The sun in this solar system is approximately five billion years old, making it a middle-aged star. As the stars grow older, they are subject to changes in mass, size and temperature. Sometimes, stars can even lose mass as they age.