What Is a Possible Solution for Water Pollution?

Solutions for fighting water pollution include: fighting global warming, reducing oil emissions and improving sewage infrastructure. Other solutions using green products for cleaning and pesticides is one possible solution for water pollution.

There are multiple solutions for reducing water pollution, and people can participate in different ways depending on where they live. For those who live in the city, walking or using electric public transportation are good alternatives to contributing to emissions from cars and buses. Alternatively, for those who live in a more suburban or rural area, an electric car is an option to consider. No matter where a person lives, reducing use of man-made, dangerous chemicals for cleaning purposes is an essential part of keeping water clean.

Over saturating gardens with pesticides needs to be avoided, as the excess chemicals wash into the groundwater and pollute the water table. Similarly, people must not pour medications down the drain as this introduces even more negative chemicals to the water supply. Approved disposal facilities accept out-of-date medications that are being discarded.

The sewage systems in most areas are old and do not properly clean out many of these chemicals efficiently. Updating the sewage and water treatment systems has a positive impact on the amount of pollution present in the water supply. Additionally, recycling whenever possible is essential as this keeps items that are not biodegradable, such as plastics, out of the water supply.