What Are Some Organs on the Right Side of the Body?

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The right side of the body is home to the liver, gallbladder, right lung and the right kidney. The right side also has one ovary, in females, and one testicle in the males. The bladder, uterus, stomach and intestines are shared between the right and left sides.

The liver is located under the diaphragm, with most of it on the right side. This organ aids in digestion and helps filter out substances such as alcohol, bacteria, and miniscule particles of air pollution brought in by the lungs. It stores excess vitamins and manufactures cholesterol. The gallbladder sits under the liver and stores bile made by liver, helping the body to digest fats.

The right lung sits under the rib cage. When air is inhaled, oxygen is filtered out to be used by the body. When the lung exhales, carbon dioxide is expelled. It is possible to live with one lung, but it usually makes physical activity more difficult.

People can also function with one kidney, but it leaves no back-up if that one kidney is damaged. The right kidney sits near the back of the body, close to the bottom of the ribcage. Kidneys clear the blood of waste products and eliminate them through the bladder as urine.

Females have one ovary on the right side, which houses undeveloped eggs. Men have one right-side testicle, which holds sperm. Both sexes can live with just one of each organ, but it may decrease the chances of pregnancy.