What Are Some Objects That Weigh One Pound?


According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a pound is a unit of measurement of weight equal to 0.453 kilograms. It’s equivalents are also 16 avoirdupois ounces, 7,000 grains, and 453 grams. It’s most often used among English-speaking people. The abbreviation for the word pound, when used as a weight, is lb. Lb is itself an abbreviation of the Latin word libra, shortened from libra pondo (“pound weight”). 

To get a better understanding of the weight of a pound, here is a list of some things that carry that weight. You may even have many of these items around your home.

  • Full block of butter or 4 sticks of margarine
  • Can of soup
  • Football
  • 12oz box of cereal
  • Three medium-sized bananas
  • Three D batteries
  • Bag of coffee beans
  • 16-ounce can of soda
  • Baseball

The Pound: Monetary Measurement

Among the countries best known for using the pound as a way of counting money is the United Kingdom. It is more formally known there as a pound sterling. This is due to the fact that originally the equivalent to a US dollar was one pound of sterling silver. Other countries that us the pound to measure money include Egypt, Sudan, South Sudan, Lebanon, and Syria. The pound was also used as the basic monetary unit of Ireland from 1921 until 2001; and Cyprus from 1960 until 2008.

A Pound: Place of Confinement

The term pound is used in referencing a place in which something is confined. This is taken from the word impound. English-speaking people often use the word “pound” to describe a type of public enclosure in which stray or unwanted animals are kept. The most common understanding of this type of structure is an animal shelter or local pet rescue center.

Another type of “pound” is a place for storing personal property held until the rightful owner redeems it. This may require meeting certain regulations or standards such as paying fines owed. Cars are often the property that is held in such a manner. 

The inner confinements of a fishing net or trap is called a pound as well, as this center area offers no escape for a fish once entered. Fish that are waiting to be released for spawning are kept in large centers known as a pound. The Department of Natural Resources set up these pounds, and are often the only individuals allowed into the area during spawning season.