Is It Normal to See Your Pulse in Your Neck?

It is not normal to see a pulse in the neck, states Healthline. Though many people may see a pulse in their necks from time to time, it generally means something in their bodies is not functioning to full capacity, or there is an irregularity their bodies.

Seeing a pulse in the neck, or the skin on the neck rising and lowering with a pulse, is called a bounding pulse, according to Healthline. Sometimes a bounding pulse is accompanied by other symptoms, such as heart palpitations or an irregular heartbeat.

Though a bounding pulse may last only a few seconds, contact a doctor to make sure it is not a more serious medical condition. If symptoms such as dizziness, confusion, abnormal sweating, lightheadedness, difficulty breathing or fainting are experienced, go to the emergency room, as the problem may be more serious, states Healthline.