Scientists Work with NYC Artists to Create Murals Depicting Threatened Species

Photo Courtesy: Christian Science Monitor/Getty Images

When you think about endangered species, birds probably aren’t the first animals that come to mind. Majestic tigers, powerful gorillas and adorable giant pandas tend to grab a lot more headlines for their diminishing numbers than birds with strange names like the greater sage-grouse or the Florida scrub jay. The National Audubon Society has worked since 1886 to focus more attention on the dangers to various North American birds, but very few Americans could actually tell you the name of a single endangered bird.

Decades later, the Audubon Society has taken a new, bold step in New York City to emphasize the threat to North American birds in a way the public can’t miss and is sure to remember. Working with NYC artists, the organization commissioned the creation of murals to draw attention to endangered birds using a larger-than-life format. Called the Audubon Mural Project, the artwork is already spreading throughout Harlem neighborhoods. Let’s take a look!