Here’s How Birds Across the World Are Adapting to Changing Climates

Photo Courtesy: [Daniel Samraus/Getty Images]

All over the world, humans and animals are adapting their habits and homes in response to the ever-changing climate. Humans are upgrading their infrastructure, and many are adjusting their habits to lower their carbon footprints. Animals are adapting to the climate in ways that are conducive to their survival. This has affected everything from the timing and routes of their migrations to their mating patterns and living spaces.

In addition to all the ways animals’ behaviors are affected by climate change, their bodies are beginning to show physical changes, too. Across the world and in multiple ways, birds are showing evolutionary signs that could be responses to Earth’s changing climate. Recent studies that looked at birds from the Amazon, Australia, the Arctic and Chicago, IL, have demonstrated there may be potentially rapid evolutionary changes taking place in the birds researchers observed.

What’s striking about the findings isn’t so much about a debate around evolution taking place. Evolution is a way to combat potential extinction — an often necessary survival tactic. Instead, it’s the rapid speed of these evolutions and the big changes they’re creating that may be cause for concern. Evolution doesn’t happen overnight the way it might in video games and other media. These recent findings about birds evolving due to climate change highlight how urgent it is to tackle the issue. Let’s take a look at what changes are happening and what they could represent for animals everywhere.