How Much Pressure Can an Egg Withstand?

Alex and Laila/The Image Bank/Getty Images

An experiment conducted at the Science Studio at Imagination Station demonstrated that a single egg was able to withstand at least 3.75 pounds of force. Eggs are most resistant to breaking when pressure is applied to their ends.

According to Imagination Station, the experiment was done by placing a 30-pound block on top of eggs to determine how many eggs it would take to support the block. It was determined in the experiment that eight eggs were the smallest number of eggs that could support the block. If the number of eggs was less than eight, the eggs broke under the pressure. Therefore, the amount of force that eggs can withstand is somewhere between 30/8 and 30/7 pounds, or between 3.75 and 4.28 pounds.

According to Steve Spangler Science, the location of the force on the egg is very important. Eggs are strongest at the top and bottom due to the arch-shaped design, evenly distributing pressure over the egg when pressure is applied at these points. The egg breaks much more easily if force is applied to other areas of the egg because the distribution of force is uneven.