Where Are Moderate Climates Generally Found?

Moderate climates are typically found near large bodies of water, within the temperate climate zones of the planet. Moderate climates are characterized by two sub-types: continental moderate zones and oceanic moderate zones.

Moderate climates are found around the world within the larger temperate zone, which extends from the polar regions to the edge of the sub-tropical regions in both hemispheres of the planet. Moderate oceanic climate locations, such as Western Europe and the Northeast United States, tend to have four well-marked, distinct seasons. The seasons typically include warm summers and mild, wet winters, which characterizes most moderate oceanic climates. These locations rarely have large temperature swings, though coastal storms and high winds are common.

Continental moderate climates, on the other hand, tend to have shorter summer and spring seasons than oceanic climates, with the transition between the seasons noticeably shorter as well. Winters are typically long and dry, and winter temperatures are much colder than those found in oceanic climates. Continental moderate climates are found in various locations encircling the planet, including Russia, Canada and Alaska. Many of the moderate continental zones around the planet are home to large temperate rain forests, full of ancient conifer trees that stretch out in unbroken swaths for thousands of miles.