What Is the Melting Point of Rubber Tires?

Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

There is no actual melting point for rubber tires, although they can be softened by super heating. Tires are typically recycled by shredding, freezing and shattering them into tiny particles for use in creating other useful items.

The rubber used in creating tires is a mixture of many compounds, including carbon, latex, rosin and chalk, hardened by the addition of sulfur and other compounds. There is not a single melting point for these substances, so using the term “softening” applies more closely to the super heating of rubber tires. Because tires cannot simply be melted, the recycling process involves shredding the tires, then freezing them with liquid nitrogen. The frozen rubber pieces are then shattered into tiny particles to create a powder that can be combined with other materials to make such useful items as injection mold plastics and paints.