How Many Working Days Are There in a Year?

David Lees/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Excluding weekends or public holidays as non-working days, 2014 has 251 work days. Excluding weekends as non-working days but including public holidays, 2014 has 261 work days. Assuming 8-hour days, that is equivalent to 2,088 hours of work per year.

The United States has 10 federal holidays a year, almost one per month. The holidays are New Year’s day on January 1, Martin Luther King’s Birthday on the third Monday of January and Washington’s Birthday on the third Monday of February. These holidays also include Memorial Day on the last Monday in May, Independence Day on July 4, Labor Day on the first Monday in September, Columbus Day on the second Monday in October. Other public holidays are Veterans day in November 11, Thanksgiving Day on the fourth Thursday in November and Christmas Day on December 25.