How Many Litres Are in a Tonne?

The number of liters in a ton depends on the density of the liquid, because liters are units of volume and tons are units of mass. For water, 1000 liters would make up a ton.

One must use the density of the liquid to convert a ton to the number of liters. A ton represents 1000 kilograms, so one can divide 1000 kilograms by the density of the liquid in the units of kilograms/liters to get the number of liters. For example, with water, the density is 1 kilogram/liter, so the number of liters of water in a ton is (1000 kilograms / (1 kilogram/liter)) = 1000 liters. A similar calculation can be done for other liquids with different densities to calculate number of liters.