How Many Gallons Does 64 Fluid Ounces Equal?

By Staff WriterLast Updated May 27, 2020 7:19:54 PM ET
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Half of a US gallon holds exactly 64 US fluid ounces. A gallon can also hold 4 US quarts, 8 US pints or 16 US cups. Eight US fl oz make a US customary cup. 


In the British imperial system of measurement, there are exactly 160 imperial fluid ounces in 1 imperial gallon. This means that 64 imperial fluid ounces equal to about 0.40 imperial gallons. 

While most measurements in the US customary and English systems are identical, liquid measures vary slightly. Read on to learn more about measuring ounces, gallons and other units in both systems, and how you can use the metric system too.