How Many Decibels Is a Rock Concert?


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A loud rock concert has a sound pressure level of 115-120 decibels. A gain of 10 decibels sounds twice as loud to the human ear. When a motorcycle has a sound pressure level of 100 decibels, a rock concert at 120 decibels, 20 decibels higher, sounds four times as loud.

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Sound pressure level is given by 20 times the logarithm in base 10 of the ratio of the effective sound pressure, to a reference sound pressure of 20 micropascals, which is at the threshold of human hearing.

A quiet room is 8 times as loud as this threshold at about 30 decibels. A normal conversation is 8 times as loud as a quiet room at about 60 decibels. A rock concert is about 64 times as loud as a normal conversation at about 120 decibels.

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