How Many Amps Equal a Kilowatt?


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Amps are a measure of electric current and kilowatts are a measure of electric power, so the two are not strictly interchangeable. This means that a third factor, voltage, must be accounted for in any conversion of amps to kilowatts.

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How Many Amps Equal a Kilowatt?
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The formula for converting amps, represented by A, into kilowatts, represented by kW, by way of voltage, represented by V, is: P(kW) = 1(A) ? V(V) / 1,000. This equation states that the total power output in kilowatts, P, is equal to 1 amp, multiplied by the dividend of a given voltage divided by 1,000. A flow of 9 amps, for example, at the standard U.S. house current of 110 V, is therefore equal to 0.99 kW.

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