Why Are Males Physically Stronger Than Females?

Pulp Photography/Digital Vision/Getty Images

According to LiveScience, males have higher metabolisms than women, which helps them burn more calories and provide more strength. Female metabolisms tend to convert food into fat. This extra fat is nature’s way of providing women with fuller hips, breasts and buttocks to attract mates.

According to HowStuffWorks, a study released in 1993 explored the difference in muscle makeup between men and women. The study found that the female participants in the study had only about 52 percent of the strength that the men exhibited in their upper bodies. The researchers contributed this to the higher concentration of fatty tissues that are present in the top half of women’s bodies.

Female and male bodies are designed to handle their individual gender roles. For example, women’s bodies are designed for pregnancy. This is why women have wider hips than men, which are ideal for storing extra fat that their bodies need during pregnancy. Men, who are free from needing to meet the requirements of birth, are generally stronger and built in a way that muscles can flourish easily. Scientists believe that the primary reason for this is so that men were able to compete against one another for women, as well as search for food to provide for their families.