How Do You Make Rubber Shrink?

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To shrink rubber, expose the material to extreme, direct heat, and then form it into the desired shape. Heat the rubber material with a blow dryer or hot air gun in an outdoor setting to minimize the risk of fire or injury.

  1. Hang the rubber

    Hang the rubber band or object from a hook or nail on an exterior wall or structure away from your clothing and skin. Attach a weight or heavy object to the rubber material to stretch it before shrinking. Wear safety goggles to protect the eyes from heat.

  2. Heat the rubber

    Aim a hot air gun or blow dryer directly toward the rubber. A heat vacuum or blow torch should only be used by a trained professional in a secure, supervised environment. Allow the heat to penetrate the rubber for at least five minutes. Avoid heat elements that can spark a flame. The rubber may begin to produce a strong smell when heated.

  3. Form the rubber into the desired shape

    Form the rubber band or material into the shape desired while it is warm. Wear protective gloves to avoid burns to the skin. Rubber only shrinks when warm or heated. As the temperature cools, the rubber expands.