How Does Magnetism Affect Everyday Life?

Sandy Noble/CC-BY-2.0

Science Clarified states that magnetism affects the daily lives of people in a number of ways, including contributing to advances in medicine and personal safety. Magnets are used in many electronic machines and devices.

Magnets power compasses. Earth is surrounded by a geomagnetic field, and the magnets in compasses are drawn toward that field, causing them to point North at all times.

Magnets help to power burglar alarms using either magnetic contact switches inside the alarms or permanent magnets in door frames and windows. The burglar alarms detect changes in the magnetic field caused by intruders and sound an alarm to alert the home owner.

Magnets are an essential tool in the medical field. MRI machines use a magnetic field to spin the atoms of the human body. This helps doctors to detect cancerous cells and other conditions in the body.

Electronic equipment, including loudspeakers, uses magnets. When sound enters a loudspeaker, the coil inside it creates an alternating magnetic field. This causes the coils and loudspeaker to vibrate, creating the sound boost.

Magnets are useful for storing and collecting information. In the past, media was stored on records, 8-trakcs, and cassettes. As of 2014, computers decipher magnetic codes to read and embed information onto a compact disc.