What Is Made of Platinum?

John Cancalosi/Photolibrary/Getty Images

Platinum is used to make a variety of substances and consumer goods, including catalytic converters, coins, jewelry and industrial appliances. Platinum is also used in the scientific industry to make basic labware items, such as tools and trays, and is used in the field of medicine to augment and structure devices, such as catheters and pacemakers.

Platinum is among the most abundant elements on Earth. It is also easy and relatively inexpensive to extract and process, which explains why it is used in so many different industries and products. In many countries where platinum is extracted and produced, jewelry is the primary economic use of platinum. Platinum is used to make necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and more. It is a treasured metal used to make wedding and engagement jewelry and is easy to melt and mold in different shapes. Platinum also sees high volumes of use in the scientific industry. Platinum has a high melting point and resists corrosion, which makes it ideal for creating labware and facilitating scientific experiments. Platinum is also added as a protective coating to devices, such as missiles and fuel nozzles, which need to maintain intact under high heat. Platinum is considered safe for medical use because it does not corrode in the body, and is added to several types of medications too.