Why Is Light so Important to Us?

Light is the triggering force behind many chemical, biological and physiological changes in life forms on Earth. It provides much needed energy, and it also forms the foundation that aids in visibility.

Light kick-starts food chains, both on land and in the sea. It acts as a catalyst during photosynthesis in plants, and it provides sustenance for the survival of plankton in the oceans. Both these forms of herbal life go on to provide nutrition to many species, including human beings.

Light is the most important tool of guidance. Humans need light to see and go about daily activities. The invention of fire was man’s attempt to substitute the light of the day while he fights the darkness of the night. Today, technological advancements allow people to exploit other beneficial uses of light such as solar power. The light from the sun is used to power many different devices around the world.

The power of light also fuels human spirituality. Light has long been man’s companion during times of meditation and prayer. Light is a means of communication. Beacons, lasers, reflective devices and flashlights of various types prove useful in the conveyance of messages. Light is part of daily life, and it is impossible to live without it.