What is the importance of science in everyday life?


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Science is extremely important in everyday life because there is not one aspect of daily living that science has not made easier, faster or safer. Science results in technology that people rely on for health, communication and transportation. Scientific knowledge helps people understand the world from a cellular to a universal level.

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Science makes everyday life easier than it ever has been. The most powerful example is the importance of electricity; the scientific discovery of a method for harnessing electric energy changed people's lives forever. Electric light benefits people every day in inventions such as traffic lights, refrigerators and communication devices. Science is the reason for the quick pace of modern life. A journey that took weeks on foot or horseback was shortened to a few days' travel by the use of steam-powered locomotives followed by personal automobiles. Finally, travel by airplane allowed people to make the same journey in just minutes. Science makes life safer as well; antibiotics and vaccines protect people from diseases that were once feared as deadly, such as measles or syphilis.

Science generates knowledge by means of new discoveries that are often met with disbelief at first, but such knowledge eventually becomes widespread and common. Every school-age child knows the earth revolves around the sun, although this knowledge was rejected when it was first discovered. Most people have a basic understanding of natural processes such as how moisture evaporates then condenses and falls as rain or how oxygen travels through the body in the bloodstream. Science is the reason for the ever-increasing understanding that people have about the world around them.

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