What Are Human Impacts on the Biosphere?

Overall, the human impact on the biosphere has been negative and will most likely lead to the degeneration of the ecosystem. The biosphere is the sum of all ecosystems on Earth, and the human race has had an influence on all of those systems, including space.

There are a lot of negative ways that the human race has impacted the world it lives in. There have also been steps that humans have taken to correct mistakes, but the corrections take a long time to enact and may not rule out all of the harm that has been done to the biosphere. Most of the scientific advancements have been in humans’ best interest and not for the Earth, which is essential to survival but does not bring humans closer to preserving the planet.

One positive thing that people have done as a species is the invention of biological conservation. Groups that work to keep track of and save species of animal and plant are very helpful to the biosphere.

One negative impact is the advent of hunting, which is the virtual opposite of biological conservation. Hunting and poaching for sport has led to the extinction of multiple species, which cannot be undone.