What Happens When You Mix Bleach and Pine-Sol?

Mixing bleach and Pine-Sol in specific proportions releases toxic chlorine gas. Chlorine is extremely poisonous and quickly causes loss of consciousness, respiratory arrest and death when inhaled. These cleaning products must be used separately.

Chlorine bleach and Pine-Sol are both powerful cleaning products that emit strong fumes during use. Ventilation is critical to the safe use of these cleaners, especially in confined spaces such as bathrooms. They must never be mixed with anything except water. However, it is safe to use them separately in the same room. For example, bleach disinfects and whitens sinks, bathtubs and toilets, whereas Pine-Sol is the more popular option for breaking down grease and cleaning floors. When used in this manner, the fumes these chemicals emit do not combine to create deadly chlorine gas.

Chlorine bleach is an effective household cleaner and disinfectant, but it reacts with many other chemicals in potentially dangerous ways. In addition to Pine-Sol, bleach must never be combined with ammonia or any other high-pH products. If these chemicals are accidentally combined while cleaning, everyone in the room must immediately go outdoors to breathe fresh air. The affected room needs immediate ventilation so the toxic fumes dissipate. All windows should be left open for several hours before cleaning resumes.