What Happens When You Mix an Acid With an Alkali?

When you mix an acid with an alkali, the compounds produce salt and water, as described by HyperPhysics, hosted by Georgia State University. Chemical reactions during which acid and base properties of compounds are neutralized are called neutralization reactions.

Cation of the acid (H+) and anion of the base (OH-) form water, while anion of the acid (A-) and cation of the base (B+) combine to produce salt. According to Elmhurst College, these types of reactions can be used as first-aid treatments for accidental poisonings with common household chemicals that often have corrosive acids or bases, and first-aid treatment for poisoning with a toilet bowl cleaner that contains hydrochloric acid as a base. Foods or substances such as milk, raw egg white or chalk can be used. If a poisoning occurs, contact 911 to make sure the right neutralizer is given.