What Happens When Lead Nitrate Is Heated?

When lead(II) nitrate is heated, it decomposes into lead (II) oxide, nitrogen dioxide and oxygen. The balanced chemical equation for this reaction is 2 Pb(NO3)2 (s) produces 2 PbO (s) + 4NO2 + O2 (g). Lead (II) nitrate is also called lead nitrate or plumbous nitrate.

The heating of lead nitrate does produce toxic fumes of lead and nitrogen dioxide. The temperature at which this compound decomposes is 878 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lead nitrate can be a white or translucent crystal-like substance that has the chemical formula of Pb(NO3)2 or PbN2O6. Its molecular weight is 331.2098 grams per mole. Lead nitrate is also soluble in water, and it has a density of 4.53 grams per cubic centimeter.