What Happens If the Femoral Artery Is Cut?

Depending on how deep the cut of a femoral artery, heavy bleeding will occur and could result in death if the artery is not sealed in time by the body, or contained by a medical professional, according to trauma.org. The femoral artery supplies blood to the lower half of the body.

If injury occurs to the femoral artery, such as a cut or gunshot wound, it is pertinent that pressure be applied to the site of the cut to slow the bleeding. Compressing the site by hand or use of bandages are two options to help control the bleeding. Whether the cut has reached the superficial or deep femoral artery, surgery must be performed to repair the laceration. The femoral artery supplies high-pressured blood to the legs and feet. Therefore, it is necessary to act quickly in the case of this type of emergency.

The femoral artery is a major artery that consists of the superficial and deep femoral artery, as stated by Healthline. The superficial artery is responsible for supplying oxygenated blood to the skin, superior thigh muscles, lower leg and foot. The deep femoral artery is located near the femur and supplies blood to the surrounding deep muscles. The femoral artery has the ability to adapt to blood pressure changes within the body as its elasticity allows it to stretch to accommodate increased pressure, according to InnerBody.