What Is the Function of the Atmosphere?

Douglas Scortegagna/CC-BY 2.0

The atmosphere works as a place to contain the oxygen that is necessary for life, works as a blanket to shield the earth from radiation and helps to create the different types of weather that are felt on the Earth. The atmosphere also contains small amounts of carbon dioxide that is necessary for plants to be able to live.

Without the atmosphere that protects the Earth, humans, animals and all plant life would not be able to survive. The atmosphere works to hold oxygen in the area around the earth. Humans and most animals are dependent on oxygen. Plants are also dependent on oxygen because they take the leftover carbon dioxide from humans when they inhale the oxygen. Radiation is another important factor for the Earth’s survival. It is necessary for survival of plants and animals that there be some type of radiation from sunlight, but too much radiation can cause major problems that are mostly associated with overheating of the Earth. The atmosphere forms a blanket around the Earth that prevents too much radiation from entering the earth. The blanket that it provides is also responsible for the weather that is seen on the Earth. The atmosphere works to create cool breezes and the rain that is necessary for plants to grow and animals to remain hydrated.