What Is the Formula for Lead (IV) Nitrite?

By Staff WriterLast Updated Mar 28, 2020 9:30:27 AM ET

The chemical formula for lead(IV) nitrite is Pb(NO2)4. Lead(IV) nitrite is also known as plumbic nitrite. One molecule of lead(IV) nitrite contains one atom of lead, represented by Pb; four atoms of nitrogen, represented by the symbol N; and eight atoms of oxygen, represented by O.

Lead(IV) nitrite is made from a combination of the lead ion with a charge of +4, as indicated by the Roman numeral IV in parentheses, and the nitrite ion, written as NO2 with a charge of -1. Lead(IV) nitrite has a molar mass of about 391.22 grams per mole. The related compound lead(IV) nitrate has a formula of Pb(NO3)4.