Who Are Some Filipino Scientists, and What Are Their Contributions to Chemistry?

Famous Filipino scientists include Dr. Alfredo Santos, Anacleto Del Rosario, Amando Kapauan, Dr. Jose O. Juliano and Julian A. Banzon. Their contributions to chemistry ranged from nuclear physics research to the production of alternative fuels from sugarcane and coconut.

Dr. Alfredo Santos conducted extensive research in the chemistry of natural harvest. His works include the segregation and elucidation of alkaloids from medicinal plants found in the Philippines. He received an award as an Outstanding Pharmacist Researcher of the Philippine Pharmaceutical Association in 1953 and the PhilAAS Outstanding Scientist Award in 1973.

Anacleto Del Rosario created a formula for producing pure alcohol from the tuba of a nipa palm. He won first prize at the World Fair in 1881. He also formulated how to extract castor oil from a Filipino plant called Palma Christi.

Amando Kapauan specialized in environmental chemistry. He conducted research into the effects of heavy metals in the environment, focusing on the mercury found in water, fish and the Filipino soil. He also helped develop chemical instrumentation that worked with computers.

Dr. Jose O. Juliano researched nuclear chemistry and physics. His particular contributions relate to his published work, especially “Rapid and Non-destructive Analysis of Sulfur and Calcium by Radioactivation and Photoneutron Counting” and “Disintegration of Iron-52 and Iron-53,” which increase understanding of nuclear science.

Julian A. Banzon researched renewable sources of chemicals and fuels. He particularly focused on the production of ethyl esters from coconut and sugarcane.